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The past in the present. A multidisciplinary approach

editors F. Mugnaini, P. Ó Héalaí, T. Thompson
pagine 300
formato 14x21
anno 2006
ISBN 9788889726013


The fluid nature of the past/present relationship was chosen as a common research project by the team of experts of the Culture, Arts and Humanities Task Force of the Coimbra Group. A further specification regarding the role of tradition in a changing world was added and thus was identified the core topic of a conference, held in Galway (2004), where a multidisciplinary team met to share concerns and outline research methods. This book has emerged from that occasion of interdisciplinary dialogue: philosophy, history, performing arts, literature, religion, education, linguistics, folklore and European ethnology, meet here to offer a wide range of scholarly interests and map some of the ways in which it is possible to engage with the frontier between past and present. Three basic modalities - renegotiation, continuity, herit-age management - are here proposed as pivotal headings for sixteen papers, which take into account distinct facets of a perennial question with a fundamental bearing on European identity.


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C. PantiC. ClearI. Lopez-aparicio Pérez, J. TouberP. Ó HéalaíM.A. SubiratsB.M. HughesM.SurlisH. EberhartT. MurphyU. Wolf-KnutsT. ThompsonL. GiannelliI. WmffreS. Österlund-Pötzsch, F. Mugnaini